We Are Always Getting Ready To Live But Never Living

I’ve thrown around the prospect of going to business school for an MBA for nearly a decade now. I’m good at math and I like money, so I figured it might be right up my alley. I also really like school. What always stopped me was the realization that the only reason I’d be going to business school is to be able to say I’m doing something without actually doing anything. B-school is certainly an appropriate investment for many individuals, I’m just not one of them.

I do a lot of things to sacrifice the present for some potential reward in the future. More often than not, it’s a procrastination attempt to disguise a fear of failure or a lack of motivation. This is most easily recognizable by fake-work such as Mindless Busywork or Pretending to be Learning Something. These excuses work well for my manager, for Warren, and sometimes even for Elaine. That last one is not okay. Elaine knows full well that Mindless Busywork can be bypassed with an automaton, and that Learning is best accomplished by Doing.

Thus there’s never an excuse for not being productive Right Now. I’m just lazy.


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