Web Application Engineering on Udacity

Over the last 5 days, I completed the Web Application Engineering (CS253) course on Udacity.  It’s intended to be an 8-week course, but I do things more efficiently if there’s no discontinuity because my primitive brain has trouble dealing with more than one process at a time.  Needless to say, other aspects of my life have suffered this past week, but I don’t really care because I pretty much hate most things about my life right now.

Anyway, the course was taught by Steve Huffman, the annoyingly young and chipper founder of Reddit.  I felt like a stupid old person taking one of those adult continuing education courses.  Well, for my final exam, I made a wiki! I’m actually not quite done yet. I still need to complete the bonus question so that I can get a good grade in the class. Having been in school for 25-or-so years, I’ve been conditioned to care about stuff like that.

Anyway, in short, the course was very cool and worthwhile. I am signed up for several other classes on Udacity and Coursera, but it’s not easy for me to motivate myself to complete courses when I could spend that time doing nothing. I only did CS253 because Warren had just completed it. Learning is more fun when done with peers (and no, the hundreds of other internet students don’t count). Maybe I need more friends.


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