Skills Trump Passion

The hardest part of doing what you love is figuring out what, exactly, you love.

An interesting strategy presented in Cal Newport’s new book takes a different tack: Acquire the skills first, and passion will follow.

He cites Steve Jobs as an example. Jobs was passionately training at the Los Altos Zen Center when his buddy Wozniak got him to handle the business details of Woz’s new computer company. Jobs just wanted some quick cash. They started out selling kit computer boards, but the business unexpectedly took off when a computer store in Mountain View wanted to buy fully assembled machines.

So Jobs didn’t pursue his initial passion; he found some other niche and got good at it, and then passion followed. But perhaps Jobs would have been just as happy or successful had he actually become a Zen monk. Maybe it doesn’t matter what we do, and those that work with a blind passion will be destined for success.

It’s certainly easier to love something if you are awesome at it.

Do Like Steve Jobs Did: Don’t Follow Your Passion –Fast Company


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