We all like shiny things

“Smopf is ugly,” I lamented to a Google-employed friend.

“It’s okay,” he reassured me. “Engineers can see past UI for functionality.”

Sure, an engineer might be able to see past the primitive exterior, but what about the average user?

smopf.com, v 0.01a

I blame Apple for the whole shiny cliche. Remember when the Apple logo used to be a humble 2-D gay pride symbol? Then in 2001 they switched to a shiny wet logo, then a soft shaded one, and the web has been chasing their design the whole time.






I’m still living in the 2-D technicolor era. I had planned to learn Adobe Illustrator at the beginning of the month, but adding back-end functionality kept taking priority. Admittedly, I was putting off learning a new skill, because learning is hard. But I’ve plodded my way through a few Illustrator tutorials in the past couple days and it’s really not so bad. Illustrator can make anything look shiny!

Behold, the new smopf! I’m still learning. But it’s a start.

When Warren and I were throwing around ideas for a smopf logo, we decided we wanted a happy face. I said I wanted a happy face that was so happy it was rolling on e. Maybe not so much.

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