I was living on the office couch until my employer got tired of having a drifter in the workplace and persuaded me to rent the guest room in his house.

It’s a nice guest room. Too nice. Oh my god, I said to Mark. I’m sleeping on a TempurPedic mattress! And the blankets and pillows are made out of FEATHERS!

He wasn’t so impressed. What were your pillows at home made out of? he asked. Polyester and broken dreams.

Have people’s standards of living risen so high that nobody is impressed by memory foam mattresses anymore??

I hate technology. A few weeks ago, I made my very first computer-generated video. It took 16 hours. Granted, 4 of those hours were spent searching for the appropriate codecs, and another several on liberating my copy of After Effects -– but by the time I rendered the final cut at 4am, I had bled every last drop of my soul into this video, and I was convinced that it was worthy of an Oscar.

I showed it to my friends. I played it on the 30” Apple cinema display at work. The response was underwhelming. I couldn’t understand. How come no one else could recognize the magnificence of my work??

They said it’s hard to be impressed when other people are putting out movies like Avatar. I haven’t seen Avatar. My manager asked me to make a short video for the company. He thinks it would funny. I’m going to make it using claymation.

The world is more interesting when everything is wonderful and full of wonderment. I’m visiting my parents right now, sleeping in my childhood bed with the plastic bed sheets. I miss my TempurPedic mattress. I’m going to go back to living in the office.


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