The Joy of Crayon Art

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I wanted to be a cartoon character voice when I grew up. Well, it was a toss-up between that, fighter pilot, or president. My parents wanted me to become a doctor. I managed to disappoint all of us by ending up as a professional deadbeat. Oh well.

Whenever I’m stuck in idle, I tend to revert to my childhood priorities — The things I wanted in life back before my motivations were shaped by external pressures. Those things made me happy as a child, thus it stands to reason that they should make me happy now.

Back then, I liked to draw. I loved to draw. When we ran out of newsprint at home, I covered the walls of my parents’ San Francisco flat with brilliant Crayola frescoes. I think they lost their security deposit as a result. I never really graduated to grown-up mediums, and I still had my crayons with me when I left for college.

My imagination has dulled with age, and these days I barely have the creative energy to fill in a coloring book. But a latent desire to create artistic joy is still hidden away somewhere, and it exists to some degree inside of everybody. It just needs to be coaxed out or awakened with some inspiration. And so we arrived at opensmut. Because people should do what they loved as a child.

Early Elaine Ou
Early E-Ou. Crayon on paper.

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