Let’s Motor

This post originally appeared on http://www.p2ppostal.com.

I just got back from dropping Vit off in New Mexico. I drove nearly 3000 miles in the past week and have never been happier. My parents will be disappointed to hear this, but I think I’ve found my true calling in life, and it is long-haul truck driver.

An old Mini Cooper ad goes something like this:

LET’S BURN THE MAPS. Let’s get lost. Let’s turn right when we should turn left. Let’s read fewer car ads and more travel ads. Let’s not be back in ten minutes. Let’s hold out until the next rest stop. Let’s eat when hungry. Let’s drink when thirsty. Let’s break routines, but not make a routine of it. LET’S MOTOR.™

mini cooper burn the maps

Road trips have fallen out of favor as an American pastime. Air travel is so quick, and low-cost carriers so cheap. But once upon a time, travel wasn’t a chore. The journey was the destination.

We tried to capture the essence of driving for the sake of driving in the splash screen for Peer-to-Peer Postal’s android app — Those times when sightseeing involved watching the scenery change across state borders, and the only thing that mattered was the moment.

P2P Postal on Android

Eastbound through Arizona, Vit pointed out Picacho Pass. That’s how the pioneers used to find their way between Tuscon and Phoenix, he said.

You can’t see Picacho Pass from a commercial jet.

Let’s Motor.

Picacho Pass, AZ

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