Market Research

Poca Bear and User

I’m supposed to be doing Market Research for Poca Bear right now. I set up a little billboard page to track user clicks and collect feedback.

Everyone says that we should build Poca Bear as an educational app for children, because parents love spending money on educational shit for their kids. And kids like bears.

I have zero interest in children; Why would I want to make something for them? Besides, market research is silly. People don’t know what they want. According to Guy Kawasaki, customers can only describe their desires in terms of what they are already using. If customers could tell you about revolutionary new product ideas, they would be Steve Jobs:

“Apple market research” is an oxymoron. The Apple focus group was the right hemisphere of Steve’s brain talking to the left one. If you ask customers what they want, they will tell you, “Better, faster, and cheaper” -— that is, better sameness, not revolutionary change.

So I’ll make what I want. If I end up with a user base of one, that’s still better than a product that never ships because I got so bored while building an educational app that I throat-socked myself and died.

Market Research concluded.

What I Learned From Steve Jobs –


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