In Pursuit of App Revenue

I’ve been coding for a string of sleepless days and nights. There’s enough caffeine in my blood to kill an ox, and I’m not sure what day it is anymore.

People keep offering advice on how to monetize my apps. They tell me to stop writing code, and instead focus on my business model. But I like writing code. I don’t like writing a business plan.

This is not the way to run a company, they say. Well yeah. I list all my apps for free. What more, the source code is public on Github. Come and get it.

It’s kind of like this: An old boyfriend of mine was quite into poker. The local pub hosted tables, and he would go play several nights a week. Most of the time he would lose, but it was never very much and he had fun so it was all good.

Then, for a few weeks, he had a winning streak. He felt smart. He patted himself on the back. Eager to turn his hobby into a source of positive cash flow, he studied up on poker strategies online. He read all the poker books. Armed and self-assured, he set back for the pub.

I think he won some, but then lost some more. Honestly, his track record was no different from before he had dug deep and done all that studying. But this time it was different. This time his losses were offensive. Poker owed him money.

That’s how life works, right? If you work really really hard at something with the express purpose of making money, then you should get paid. When life fails to deliver as promised, it sucks.

Now, replace “boyfriend” with “Elaine” and “poker” with “trading FX”, and you’ll have a true story.

No, I am not going to build Peer-to-Peer Postal around a business model. Instead of seeing net profits as a pleasant surprise, any lack thereof will become a personal affront from the universe. Turning an enjoyable activity into a quest for monetary compensation is a surefire way to make that activity dreadful.

Besides, I don’t want my apps to look like this.



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