I Need to Expand my Comfort Zone

“It amazes me that you are still alive.”

Mike said this to me after I returned from a recent misadventure in Mexico. I get this a lot. People seem to think that I am risk-seeking.

But I’m not. I never leave my comfort zone. I only do things where I know that I am fully prepared to deal with the consequences. Everyone thought my ski-bike was a death trap. But I know that I’m extremely good at not ending up dead. Just check my track record.

Same goes for working full-time on my own startup. People perceive this as risky, but the worst thing that could happen is that I end up homeless and broke. It’s not like I have kids or anything.

Anyway, here I am with Peer-to-Peer Postal. People have been telling me to go out and talk to customers. I don’t want to. Strangers are scary. They’re gonna think I’m stupid.

You seem fine talking about Peer-to-Peer Postal with the StartX crowd, they point out. Yeah, that’s because they’re a captive audience. They’re not allowed to reject me. I fear rejection.

I have to learn to leave my comfort zone. The best way to do this is to step out a little bit every day, until it no longer feels uncomfortable. Then step out a little more. And a little more after that.

A few months ago, I made a goal of talking to 1 new person every day. I quit after 0 people because it was just too hard. The problem was, I was being too ambitious. I have to take baby steps.

My first step is to go out and tell people about Warren’s Public Library app. I won’t care if they say it’s stupid, because it’s Warren’s project and not mine.

Then someday I’ll be able to move up to talking about my own project.

Baby steps.


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