Why Americans Hate Driving

Los Angeles Traffic

The most frequent road trip destination is the office. And most commuters have sucky jobs.

Road rage is generated by drivers who are unhappy about where they are going. If jobs were wonderful, then there would be no rush hour traffic.

See, traffic jams are not caused by accidents or a vehicle glut, but by drivers who act like dicks by tailgating, slamming the door on mergers, or otherwise cutting people off. If drivers were more gracious, there would be no jams [1].

It’s just hard to be nice when you’re en route to a soul-sucking job. I’m not sure what NYC residents have for day jobs.

The American road trip was not always so dreadful. As a child or dog, drives are fun and awesome. At some point in life, Americans stop commuting to pleasant destinations and instead herd together on a slaughterhouse conveyor belt.


I once stopped for 30 seconds in the middle of an offramp in Gainesville, Florida to allow a family of ducklings to walk across the road. Though the drivers behind me could not admire the baby ducks from their vantage point, they remained silent and patient. Probably busy listening to the AM radio in their retirement caravans.

In an urban jungle, the family of ducklings would have quickly been reduced to curious stains on the pavement. I guess that’s why you don’t see ducklings on the streets of New York.

Americans don’t really hate driving. They just hate where they’re going.

1. The Physics Behind Traffic Jams –SmartMotorist


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