Move Fast and Break Things

After weeks of forcing my friends to look at Peer-to-Peer Postal, the collective consensus is that it needs more work.

My peers draw their opinions from comparisons with the apps they currently use. As a result, I have received a wide range of conflicting comments: The splash page sucks, the splash page is good, appeal to senders more, appeal to drivers more, the app should provide an internal messaging system, news feed, autocomplete, insurance, package tracking, and escort services.

I couldn’t produce that shit if I made Facebook, Lyft, and UPS have a donkey three-way on the back pages of LA Weekly. Screw this. P2P Postal needs to focus on finding customers.

The Facebook campus has posters that say “Move fast and break things” and “Ship happens” and “Done is better than perfect”. P2P Postal is far from perfect, but we’re launching this week.

Don’t worry kids, I took every single one of your comments to heart and wrote it all down in my notebook. I am still very grateful for every piece of input and appreciate any amount of time spent helping me. I won’t forget you little folk when I’ve upgraded my life to a cellar in East Palo Alto.

DONE. For now.


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