Overcoming a Fear of Failure

Remember when you had a crush on someone, but didn’t dare expose yourself to rejection, so you teased her and put gum in her hair and called her fat? Maybe it was back in high school or middle school or the middle of last week if you’re developmentally retarded like me. We made fun of the objects of our affection so that when they ignored us to hook up with the hot cheerleader, the world wouldn’t know that our hearts were broken.

That’s how it is with Peer-to-Peer Postal.

Jim asked: “How can you expect investors to take you seriously when you have a picture of a lego dude giving someone the finger?”

P2P Postal hitchhiker

I’m making fun of myself and putting gum in my hair.

If I outwardly try my best and I fail, then I’m a failure. But if I leave a bit on reserve, if I can claim that I never really took myself seriously, then I’m not a failure. Just a liar and a coward.


A fear of failure comes from a heightened sense of self-importance. Somehow I have this notion that the world gives a crap about what I do. They don’t. They especially don’t care if I fail.

Pop quiz: Who is currently leading the Tour de France? Chris Froome. Who is in last place? Who knows. I couldn’t even find the answer on the internet. The world pays attention to the winners, not the losers.

Let's all take a moment to laugh at the guy at the very back.
Let’s all take a moment to laugh at the guy at the very back.

Several years ago, a friend convinced me to compete in a local triathlon and I finished dead last. But I’m the only person on the planet who remembers that. I had actually forgotten until about 30 seconds ago. We don’t regret the things we do, but we do regret the things we didn’t do.

When held back by a fear of failure, just remember that you’re not important enough for anyone to be paying an ounce of attention to you. Think you have a lot to lose? Stop flattering yourself. In the worst possible outcome, you vanish into obscurity, same as if you’d never tried.


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