How to Disappoint Everybody


Nokia’s new Lumia phones look pretty good. Oh wait, I forgot, this isn’t 2007. Every Lumia smartphone is directly compared to an iPhone and Galaxy, making it easy to find shortcomings and difficult to notice features (I’m not sure why a phone needs a 41-megapixel camera).

I initially felt like P2P Postal had to offer insurance, package tracking, and nationwide delivery because THAT’S WHAT UPS DOES. But then I wouldn’t be P2P Postal. I would just be UPS with nonunionized workers and no health benefits.


A great way to disappoint customers is to emulate an existing business. Startups that set users up with expectations dictated by a global conglomerate tend to be especially successful.

P2P Postal’s Board of Directors advised me to choose a simple problem to solve. If customers don’t expect too much from me, they might not be let down.

Nobody respects Nokia for trying to catch up to Apple and Samsung instead of beating their own path. Dear Nokia: Please stick to what you’re good at, which is making phones for 3rd world countries and existing in 2001.

I’m hitting the road now, but I’ll execute when I get back.


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