The Company Formerly Known as Peer-to-Peer Postal

Over the weekend, I told my former manager about P2P Postal, and watched as he proceeded to misspell the site name 3 times before I reached over and typed it in for him. pppostal? p2postal? Okay, forget it. A name cannot be this difficult.

Our marketing team has voiced concerns over the stickiness of “Peer-to-Peer Postal”, but I had trouble letting go.

So we changed it to Barnacle. They quietly hitch rides on boats. Many people hate the name, which makes it all the more compelling. The best part about Barnacle is that, even if the postal service is a bust, I can always develop the financing side and turn it into a hedge fund. Barnacle would be a good name for a hedge fund.

I handed the rebranding instructions to the design team, which knocked this out. It needs work, but it’s not bad, for a barnacle.



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