Customers Can See for Miles and Miles

Customers will think of their own reasons why they don’t want to use Barnacle. They don’t need me to think of excuses for them.

My friends do a great job of coming up with reasons why no demographic under the sun would ever need to send anything via Barnacle. This approach is a great way for me to rationalize staying at home and walking around in circles.

Today I went down the street to a little print shop to have some new flyers printed with updated info. It’s a one-man shop, just an old guy with a computer and a color printer.

After the flyers were finished, he asked me what Barnacle was. We do low-cost deliveries all over California by sharing extra space in people’s cars, I said. That’s interesting, he said. Can I keep a flyer?

Sure, I said.

Then he took me next door to introduce me to his neighbor who has a small laptop repair business. He told the owner about the concept of Barnacle. The shop owner asked how he could use the service.

I wish I could say I glibly closed the sale, but I didn’t. He asked me about delivery times and cost and coverage area and I didn’t have any of those answers. I panicked and told him I was just the software developer and that he should check the website.

I hurried out. I wasn’t READY, ok??

You go as far as you can see, and when you get there you will always be able to see farther. The important part is to go there.

Barnacle Flyer


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