Getting Things Done, part 2

Back in March, I read David Allen’s Getting Things Done. I’ve been pretty good about adhering to my To-Do lists, but creating To-Do lists is only half the battle.

Getting Things Done was designed for managers working in a structured environment. I’m not in a structured environment.

After I showed Warren my notes for creating a Kickstarter campaign, he warned me against falling into another rabbit hole. I end up chasing a lot of rabbits partly because I have a hard time saying No to people, partly because I have the attention span of a guppy.

In an effort to maintain focus, I created a To-Don’t list. Without a cubicle around me, I need to set my own boundaries. Some of these off-limit items are legitimate wastes of time, some are just bad habits.

Check email during working hours
Say Yes without consideration
Entertain every stupid idea/lead/offer that people throw at me
Question my sanity or second-guess myself
Scratch at mosquito bites
Criticize someone’s idea without offering an alternative
Become defensive when someone else criticizes me

Productivity has increased tenfold. Thanks Warren! 🙂


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