PHP, the Universal Language

I interviewed a visiting student from Paraná Brazil this past week. She was a frontend developer looking for an internship at Barnacle, but spoke only Portuguese. This made things tricky. I tried speaking at her in Spanish, but apparently that’s a different language.

She showed me one of her projects. After several misfires I got her to pull up the source code in DreamWeaver. Then we silently started talking. The conversation looked something like this:

$you = “Xxx Xxx”; //[applicant’s name]
$t = new DateTime();
$t = strlen(strpos($you, $PaloAlto)->format(‘Y-m-d’)));
echo $t;

$pay = “$$$$”;
$month = new DateInterval(‘P1M’);
echo floor($pay / $month);

Learn to code and you’ll be able to communicate with anyone.

This applicant was a capable developer, but I referred her to another startup. I don’t like PHP.


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