Web Design is in the Eye of the Beholder

A VC said that our site design was “acceptable”. Translated to investment English, that means Butt Ugly.

What would it take to be beautiful, outstanding, better than “acceptable”? Go to dribbble and look at their web design showcase:


They all look spectacularly the same.

Here’s what it takes to make a trendy web design these days:

It all starts with a big, blurry, trendy image. Sometimes it’s not blurry, but instead, overlaid with an opaque layer of neatly branded color.
…Next, take white, declarative text in a pleasing typeface and overlay it across the image, explaining what the website (or app or design firm) does and why you should click the calltoaction

Site designs are built from a framework, usually Foundation or Bootstrap. There are large swaths of solid, flat colors neatly sectioned as you scroll down the page. 3D graphics and skeuomorphism died with iOS 6.

Barnacle is all about following web design trends, so we redesigned our landing page with a little help from our friend Jony Ive. For more web design ideas kindly checkout Web Design Cardiff.

Jony Ive redesigns Barnacle

This all reminds me of that episode from The Twilight Zone, the one where Miss Tyler lives in a universe full of pig-people and everyone thinks she’s a freak even though she’s totally hot. In some alternate imaginary universe, the current Barnacle site actually looks good. Unfortunately, our investors don’t live in that universe.


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