How to Find Meaning

castle stalker mp

Pilgrim’s Progress, The Odyssey, Monty Python and the Holy Grail. Siddhartha, Mohammed, and Moses. It is a story that never really happened, but which is always happening.

The tale of the hero’s journey is culture-agnostic. We climb mountains and trek trails in search of a greater purpose.

When I graduated, I thought that if I backpacked the far reaches of another continent, I would find myself, find my purpose. I didn’t find it, because it wasn’t out there. Even if it was, why would it hide from me?

Unlike Christian, Odysseus, and Graham Chapman, the journey never really comes to an end. We come back from Everest, from Prague, from Sydney, and life is much the same. Life is not about discovering ourselves, but creating ourselves*.

Then what is meaning? It’s liking what we created.

*Quote commonly attributed to George Bernard Shaw, but debatable.


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