Opportunity Favors the Opportunistic

I almost didn’t go to Austin. I had no interest in SXSW and it’s a really long drive. But then we got a last-minute booking from a high-profile customer, and someone had to drive that shit down because we had no more driver capacity. I was in the best position to do it.

I drove to Austin. Barnacle took first place in the SXSW Business School startup competiton. I wasn’t even sure that we should enter. The team could have won it without me, but I like to think that I helped, a little.


On that high, we worked the trade show and booked a lot more deliveries for startups sending their stuff home. As a rule, we said yes to everyone. We didn’t know how we were going to get everything to its final destination. I had about 19 nervous breakdowns but still we kept saying yes.

At some point during the week, we were picked up by Lifehacker. The article generated a traffic spike and we worked for 36 hours to get server support in place.

Everything worked out, because things usually do.

You never know where opportunities lead until you take them. Saying no results in fewer opportunities, because opportunities fear rejection.

I say yes to far too many things. I know I do, because at the moment I’m driving halfway across the country with boxes spilling onto my lap. I’m not sure how I managed to let this happen, but I’m glad I did.


Written on a phone.

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