Why Aren’t There More Female Programmers?

Paul Graham caught some flak several months ago for remarking that the reason there weren’t more female startup founders was because there weren’t more female hackers.

This is true. But why aren’t there more female hackers?

I blame the parents. What are people searching for on Google?


I was very fortunate that my mother enrolled me in programming classes at the local Boys and Girls Club when I was six years old. I’m not sure why; I think she just wanted to turn me into someone else’s problem for a few hours every week.

logosqr1I learned to program with the Logo Turtle. I don’t remember much from that time in my life, but I’m sure it was horrible.

As demonstrated by Google search results, parents are putting more effort into getting their male offspring to code than getting their female offspring to code. But it would be unthinkable for parents to pay less attention to their daughters when it comes to reading or math or eating your vegetables.

No six-year-old wants to sit still in front of a computer screen. I know I didn’t. But as a result, I had a useful tool in my arsenal for later in life.

Don’t give up on your daughters! (Thanks Mom :D)

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