Nobody Cares About Your Crappy Startup


Yesterday someone told me about his idea for a peer-to-peer meal-sharing startup.

That’s the stupidest idea I’ve heard in the last hour and you should just kill yourself. Is what I wanted to say.

I told him I thought it was an awesome idea, and that I couldn’t wait to try it. What else can you say to someone who’s chasing a dream?

And then I told a well-known angel investor about Sand Hill Exchange.

Oh yeah, I saw you guys on Product Hunt, he said. I thought it was a great idea.

A great idea, but not great enough to spend 10 minutes learning about the product, another 10 minutes and 20 dollars creating an account, another 6 months becoming a loyal customer.

Why should anyone give a shit about my startup? Great ideas have become globalized. Ideas are easy to create, easy to spread. Everyone has them and everyone wants to be heard.

No one gives a crap about your idea, no matter how great it is, unless everyone is already using it and they need it to promote their own agendas. Otherwise there’s just too much noise and you’re not interesting enough.


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