The State of Silicon Valley


Amazon loses $4B a year on shipping. That’s enough to pay for every single Uber ride in the last year. Amazon can’t win on retail alone, that’s why it’s throwing other shit at the wall like burner phones and talking doorstops.

Google Glass is a prophylactic ensuring you will not conceive a child cuz no one will get near you.

Google is struggling in a mobile world. Facebook is winning because it can track your identity better than Google.

Tesla is not an environmental car. It is an attempt to tell people that you can afford a $120,000 car.

The most important luxury brand is Apple. Luxury brands are able to go global faster because rich people all aspire to the same things.

Here are some iOS vs Android heat maps next to property price heat maps. Red areas show you where the iPhone users are. Green tells you where to find the less-fortunate.

Scott Galloway on the Four Horsemen: Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Google

2 thoughts on “The State of Silicon Valley

  1. Great article. I wonder if you have the primary source for those plots. I was not able to find it in any of the links in your blog post.

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